Natural IVF or Mini IVF

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Alternative Paths in Fertility Treatment

Natural IVF and Mini IVF are alternative approaches to traditional IVF, each offering distinct advantages and considerations based on individual needs and preferences.

Natural IVF

  • Minimal Medication: Natural IVF involves minimal to no ovarian stimulation medication. It relies on the natural menstrual cycle to retrieve the one naturally matured egg.
  • Less Intervention: This method avoids the use of high doses of medication, potentially reducing associated side effects and risks.
  • Candidates: Suitable for individuals preferring a more natural approach to fertility treatment or those with concerns about medication side effects.
  • Considerations: Success rates might be lower as only one egg is typically retrieved, and it may not be suitable for everyone, especially those with low ovarian reserve.

Mini IVF

  • Lower Medication Doses: Mini IVF uses lower doses of fertility medications compared to traditional IVF but aims to retrieve a few quality eggs.
  • Reduced Costs and Side Effects: Lower medication doses might result in reduced costs and potentially fewer side effects compared to conventional IVF.
  • Candidates: Suited for individuals who might not respond well to higher doses of medication or those seeking a more affordable IVF option.
  • Considerations: Success rates might vary, and it might not be as effective for those requiring multiple embryos for selection.