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At Pratham IVF, we examine all of our patient’s medical history as well as the conditions they operate in, and also their lifestyle choices to ascertain the cause of male infertility. Further, there also tests and diagnostic interventions that we recommend to better understand their problems and deliver the best possible advice. These diagnostic measures often include:

Physical Examination: As the name suggests, our doctors carry out a physical examination of the male reproductive organs to examine any physical anomalies.

Semen Analysis: In this process, we analyze the semen and observe the sperm volume, sperm count, movement, concentration, and structure. In case there is low sperm count, it could be due to the blockage of the ejaculatory duct. In such a case, there needs to be a minor procedure.

Testicular Biopsy: In this, a needle is inserted into one’s testicles to determine the cause of low sperm counts and examine the presence of healthy sperm cells. In case of any blockages, these healthy sperm cells can be utilized later.

Hormone Evaluation: There are several hormones that are responsible for the genesis of sperms. To ensure they are at healthy levels, it is crucial to carry out evaluative tests which our doctors recommend.


Depending on these diagnostic tests, there are various treatments that our doctors recommend:

  • Nonsurgical procedures: If the problems that males face cause issues in hormones, immunity, infection, or retrograde ejaculation can be solved using medication, we can carry out non-surgical procedures. Further, there are also assisted reproductive techniques to achieve conception.
  • Surgical procedures: There are minor surgeries and incisive procedures that can solve important problems. For instance varicocele, our doctors perform minor procedures such as varicocelectomy. Further, blockages that can cause azoospermia can also be operated upon.

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