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Dr. Dharmesh Kapadia - IVF Specialist Doctor

IVF Specialist & Clinical Embryologist

MBBS- Monash University, Australia

  IVF Expert

Dr. Dharmesh Kapadia is a distinguished medical professional with a remarkable background in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). Holding a degree in MBBS and a Master's in Clinical Embryology from Monash University, Australia, he stands as an expert ART Specialist and Clinical Embryologist.

Dr. Dharmesh Kapadia has played a pivotal role in establishing and advancing several IVF centers across the state. With an extensive 11 years of experience in the ART field, he has become synonymous with excellence and expertise.

His unique dual role as an IVF Specialist and Clinical Embryologist sets his clinic apart, ensuring superior clinical pregnancy rates and successful outcomes in terms of take-home babies. Dr. Kapadia boasts a wealth of experience, having overseen thousands of IVF pregnancies, and has honed optimized protocols for embryology procedures and clinical infertility practice, consistently achieving outstanding results.

Dr. Kapadia is widely recognized in the state for his exceptional skills in Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) and Vitrification techniques. At his center, he is dedicated to providing the most ethical, scientific, and evidence-based treatments, ensuring the highest standards of care for his patients.


  •   MBBS
  •   Master's in Clinical Embryology - Monash University, Australia

  Professional Experience

  •   ART Specialist & Clinical Embryologist - 11 years in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)


Dr. Dharmesh Kapadia's commitment to excellence, coupled with his innovative approach to fertility treatments, makes him the best choice for individuals and couples seeking top-notch reproductive care in Himatnagar.

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