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Male Infertility :

Male Infertility is a common reason why a couple may not be able to conceive a child. There are several factors that can contribute to male infertility. However, in today’s times, there are many options available for couples who are facing this issue. With the right guidance and fertility procedures, it has become much simpler for parents to achieve their dream of parenthood. At Pratham IVF, we carry out several tests and analyze the conditions you are facing for the best course ahead. Let us explore the courses and symptoms of male infertility:

Symptoms :
  • Reduced sexual desire
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Pain or swelling in the testicular region
  • Dissatisfacory ejaculation
  • Decreased facial and body hair, and abnormal breast growth or hormonal abnormality.
Causes :

Low Sperm Count: Sperms are crucial for male fertility and the ability to conceive a child. Due to a variety of reasons, one could experience sperm-related issues, and an inability to produce a high count of sperms. Some of the reasons why one could face a low-sperm include genetics, lifestyle choices such as smoking, consumption of alcohol and drugs, obesity, and stress.

Sperm Motility: Sperm motility is the measurement of the ease with which sperms travel. If the sperm motility is low or not at an expected level, it could lead to male infertility issues. Several reasons contribute to low sperm motility. Exposure to harmful chemicals, lifestyle choices, emotional stress, and depression are just a few reasons why one can have low sperm motility.

Abnormal Sperm Morphology: Sometimes, males experience a situation where the sperm cells deviate from their standard shape, which can prevent them from penetrating the egg, causing infertility. However, studies indicate that such a situation is not uncommon as only 4-10% of sperms are normal.


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