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What is Hysteroscopy?

Similar to laparoscopy, a hysteroscopy too, allows for a tool with an attached camera is inserted into the vagina which helps the doctor to establish a clear vision of the uterus as well as blocked fallopian tubes. If required upon examination, the doctor can also perform a minimally invasive surgical procedure. These procedures can enable successful treatments and procedures for endometriosis, Ovarian cystectomy, Myomectomy, and Lysis of uterine adhesions.

Our team of doctors is also equipped to perform Hysteroscopic surgeries with utmost precision. Consult our doctors for the most nuanced opinions on your infertility treatments and avail the medical facilities for such advanced surgeries!


Low Cost Hysteroscopy Center in Ahmedabad

Embark on a path to reproductive health with Pratham IVF, Ahmedabad, offering Hysteroscopy treatments at an all-inclusive cost of 20,000. Our transparent pricing covers consultations, diagnostics, the procedure itself, and all associated elements. Experience the benefits of our expert team and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring a comprehensive and affordable solution for your reproductive well-being. Pratham IVF is proud to set a new standard for accessible Hysteroscopy treatments in Ahmedabad, providing a streamlined and cost-effective option to prioritize your reproductive health journey.


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Dr. Dharmesh Kapadia

Sr.embryologist (Australia)

Dr. Kalpesh Kapadia

MCh Urologist (gold medalist)

Dr. Kaushal Kapadia

MS Gynec & Art Specialist

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