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At Pratham IVF, we assist females who are facing infertility issues by providing them with the best treatments and procedures that can enable them to become pregnant. We consult our patients and analyze their medical condition and history thoroughly to devise a customized treatment plan that can increase their chances at pregnancy. We also undertake several diagnostic tests that determine female infertility.

Identifying the cause for one’s infertility can be an emotional issue and could also cause anxiety or depression. It is essential to communicate with your partner as well as your doctors.

Diagnostic Tests :
  • Blood tests to evaluate hormonal levels
  • An Endometrial biopsy to better observe the uterine lining.
  • Hysterosalpingography (HSG): This is a procedure that detects any possible blockage or damage to one’s fallopian tubes. During this procedure, a doctor could use ultrasound or x-ray to examine reproductive organs. Further, the doctor can also inject a special dye or saline into the cervix to locate the blockage.
  • Laparoscopy: A minimally invasive procedure, a laparoscopy is performed to get an enhanced view of one’s reproductive organs. In this procedure, a small tool that carries a camera is inserted into your abdomen. The tool enables the doctor to locate abnormalities or anomalies if any.

Every patient has different root causes that could cause infertility. Depending on one’s conditions, our doctors advise a tailor-made path that is best suited to increase your chances for pregnancy. At Pratham IVF, we carry out several treatments and procedures as well as prescribe required medications that can fulfill your dreams of parenthood. Some of them are:

  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI): This is a simple procedure where sperms are placed directly into one’s uterus for carrying out fertilization. In case there are ovulation disorders, our doctors can prescribe medicines that can stimulate the release of an egg.
  • In-vitro Fertilization (IVF): In this procedure, we combine a woman’s eggs and a man’s sperms in a petri-dish where an embryo is developed. It is then transferred to a woman’s uterus for further development

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