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What is Cryopreservation?

Cryopreservation is a popular technique leveraged by medical practitioners for decades. The technique allows doctors to freeze biological materials at extreme temperatures that prohibits any biological activities of the cells. For carrying out cryopreservation, the primary medium used is liquid nitrogen.

For couples seeking to preserve their reproductive materials, this technique lets them freeze eggs, embryos, and sperms that can allow them to carry out in-vitro fertilization. Further, these frozen materials can also be used in Intrauterine Insemination.

If a couple has access to frozen eggs, sperms, or embryos, they can use them in case of the failure of an existing treatment.

How does Cryopreservation work?

Egg Freezing :

By cryopreserving a woman’s reproductive eggs, they can choose to utilize them at any time in the future, and also allows them to choose their time of pregnancy, leading to reduced concerns of chromosonal abnormalities. Doctors can utilize the frozen eggs to carry out IVF cycle by combining it with sperms in the lab and developing an embryo.

One of the key advantages of using this method is the preservation of eggs for future. For example, when you are planning to have another child, having these frozen eggs will help you significantly. You can also choose to donate frozen eggs to other women who are unable to conceive. Further, such preservation will also help women who are undergoing heavy medical treatments such as cancer therapy and are unable to produce more eggs.

Steps involved

  • Ovarian Stimulation
  • Egg Retrieval
  • Freezing

Sperm Cryopreservation :

Just like eggs can be frozen for women, men’s reproductive sperms can also be preserved by freezing them. It is a crucial method for men to preserve sperm who are planning to undergo extensive medical therapies for major ailments such as cancer. Further, one can also plan to preserve their eggs especially if they are exposed to chemicals and radiation.

Men can also choose to donate their sperms to other couples who are unable to conceive through this method. The procedure for this technique is quite straightforward. The fertility experts at Pratham IVF Guide you at every step of the way and are readily available to solve all your queries regarding these procedures.


  • Upon collecting the sample, technicians analyze it for various important factors.
  • Thereafter, they add the necessary protectants to prevent crystalization.
  • For freezing, doctors can choose to carry out slow freezing or rapid freezing.

There is very less chance of the sperm being prone to any damage.

Embryo Cryopreservation :

Embryo Cryopreservation is a popular method for preserving fertility among couples, especially for those undergoing IVF Procedures. The method allows couples another chance at pregnancy should their IVF attempts fails for the first time as they are not required to undergo the whole procedure all over again.

Further, by preserving an embryo for an early age, women can choose to focus on other activities and take on pregnancies when they are ready. Lastly, couples can also choose to donate their frozen embryos to infertile couples.

While these methods are considered to be extremely safe, it is advisable to consult your doctors before moving forward. At Pratham IVF, we carry out extensive analysis of your medical conditions, and requirements before charting out customized strategies and treatments that might suit your requirements best.


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Procedure Pricing
Enbryo Freezing 25,000/-
Frozen Embryo Transfer 50,000/- (including medicine & tests)
Freezing of Semen 2,000/-
Semen Analysis 1,000/-
Oocyate Donation 50,000/-
Embryo Donation 60,000/-

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