IVF Process in Ahmedabad

IVF Process :

At Pratham IVF, we have leveraged our decades of combined experience to develop an efficient IVF procedure with defined steps that simplify the procedure for parents looking to enhance their shot at pregnancy. We firmly believe that such a process helps us contribute to our patients’ journey.

1. Initial consultation : The first step in our process is patients consulting our doctors and medical practitioners. We review their medical history and analyze all the relevant information to develop a detailed understanding of the problems they are facing and then, identify a way forward best suited to their needs.

2. Testing and Ovarian Stimulation : After analyzing your needs, our doctors recommend a series of tests to better understand the next step. Upon completing these tests, we provide females with the stimulation process on the first day of their menstrual cycle where they are required to take medicines for 8-14 days to catalyze egg production. Towards the end of this process, we also inject a trigger shot to get the eggs ready for ovulation.


3. Egg retrieval : Once sufficient eggs are produced after completing the previous step, we carry out a small surgical procedure to extract the newly-developed eggs from the ovaries. Our experts use ultrasound technology to ensure the needle carefully enters each ovary with an aim to collect 8-15 eggs, on average.

4. Sperm Retrieval For couples planning to use fresh sperm cells, we carry out the retrieval on the same day as that of the egg to carry forward the IVF procedure. There are several parameters of quality that must be kept in mind before selecting the sperm. If the couple has frozen or donor eggs, our specialists prepare them in the lab. Upon examining the sperm quality, the best are chosen for fertilization.

5. Fertilization After retrieving both eggs and sperms, our lab experts extract the eggs from the fluid and fertilize them with the sperm cells in a dish in vitro.

6. Embryo Development : Successful fertilization of the egg and sperm leads to the creation of a zygote which later transforms into an embryo. The embryo is then placed in a special incubator where the conditions are conducive for its development. We monitor its growth for 5-6 days.

7. Embryo Transfer : This is a simple procedure that can be carried out without anesthesia where the embryo is placed in a catheter by a medical expert who requires utmost precision. Through your cervix, the catheter is placed into your uterus to complete the transfer.

8. Final Pregnancy Test After the successful completion of the embryo transfer, our specialists conduct a blood test to determine pregnancy. If successful, this is the final step of IVF.

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