How to increase sperm count ?

How to increase sperm count ?

These days, infertility is a significant and expanding problem. People's lifestyle changes, which include smoking, drinking, using drugs, and many other habits, may be the cause of this. Two further reasons why couples are not able to conceive are environmental pollution and personal stress.

We will discuss male infertility in this essay, which was a taboo subject until a few years ago. The idea that male and female infertility coexist and are both fundamental causes of infertility is becoming more widely accepted.
Let's put our inhibitions aside and discuss male infertility for a little while.

Male infertility happens when there are insufficient sperm or sperm that are defective in some other way, which prevents them from reaching the eggs and leaves the fertility process unfinished.

A few facts on fertility

  • Technically speaking, libido, or sexual drive, is an individual's level of intensity and inclination to engage in sexual activity.
  • Most likely, you've heard of aphrodisiacs, which are known to be foods and supplements that assist improve a person's sex drive.
  • When a man's reproductive organs fail to produce an erection, he develops impotence or erectile dysfunction.
  • Sperm count is a critical component of the quality of semen.
  • The number of sperm cells in each milliliter of semen is known as the sperm count.
  • The capacity of the sperm to reach the eggs as quickly as possible is known as sperm motility, and it is another important element impacting male fertility.
  • A sample of semen's percentage of motile sperm cells can be used to analyze sperm motility.
  • In some guys, testosterone levels also influence how fertile they are.
  • Infertility can frequently result from hereditary factors.

A few tips to increase sperm count

  • Men who exercise regularly are known to have higher testosterone levels and be more fertile.
  • Men's infertility may result from oxidative stress; therefore, using antioxidant supplements, like vitamin C, may aid in reproduction.
  • Since stress is known to lower sexual satisfaction, stress management and relaxation are essential.
  • For individuals with low testosterone levels who are deficient in vitamin D, taking supplements of the vitamin may increase their levels.
  • A study discovered that the natural herb Tribulus Terrestris can improve erectile function and male sexual drive, however the data isn't very strong and the herb should only be used after speaking with a doctor who specializes in fertility.
  • A study with encouraging findings suggests that fenugreek seed or extract ingestion may enhance desire and sexual performance.
  • Supplemental zinc may help men's testosterone levels rise and enhance fertility.
  • A medical herb called ashwagandha is also said to help improve male fertility and testosterone levels in men.
  • Steer clear of bad lifestyle choices that negatively impact one's general health, including one's ability to conceive for both men and women.
  • For a long time, obesity has been linked to infertility; obese people have poor sexual drive and are more susceptible to a variety of dangerous lifestyle disorders.
  • Avoiding alcohol is essential for a better and healthier lifestyle since it lowers testosterone levels, which have a detrimental effect on the quality of semen.
  • According to a different study, inadequate folate consumption may lower semen quality.
  • For men and women alike, getting enough sleep is crucial to preserving their health.
  • The quality of semen is known to be impacted by sleep deprivation or excess.
  • Eating foods high in antioxidants, such as walnuts, has beneficial effects Concerns related to infertility
  • Coenzyme Q10 has been shown in a study to enhance the quality of semen; nevertheless, it should only be taken on a doctor's or professional nutritionist's recommendation.

These days, infertility is a major source of misery for many people worldwide. While the aforementioned advice may not be a 100% certain solution for infertility, it can help the body become more nutrient- and immunization-rich. It can even help men become more testosterone-rich, which can improve their quality of life and boost their chances of becoming fertile.

Trans Fats should be avoided

  • Fertility is increased by healthy fat.
  • Because trans fats impair insulin sensitivity, there is a higher chance of ovulatory infertility when consuming them.
  • Vegetable oils that have been hydrogenated frequently include trans fats.
  • Some baked, processed, and fried meals include them.
  • A diet that is lower in unsaturated fats and higher in trans fats may cause infertility, per a study.

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