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  • How does IVF work?

    IVF is a multi-step procedure. At Pratham IVF, we modify treatment approaches based on the specific medical conditions of our patients. However, there are some common steps in this procedure

    • i. Stimulation: Women receive hormonal stimulation to boost egg production.
    • ii. Egg Retrieval: Once eggs are developed, there are certain procedures through which our surgeons remove the eggs for further procedure.
    • iii. Fertilization: In this step, we fuse the eggs and sperm cells in lab-controlled conditions.
    • iv. Embryo Culture: This step is to develop an embryo in the laboratory after the fertilization is done.
    • v. Embryo Transfer: Lastly, once the embryo is developed satisfactorily, it is transferred to the uterus.
  • How much time should we expect for the completion of the IVF procedure?

    If the conditions are favorable, you can expect the whole procedure to be completed within 15-20 days after your first visit where our doctors understand the issues you are facing and recommend subsequent medication and tests.

  • How much will the IVF cost?

    While every couple has different needs, the treatment costs may vary. However, the costs for IVF procedure in India is less than abroad. Our doctors will give you an exact estimate after examinations.

  • Do you offer a donor program?

    Yes, we have a comprehensive donor program for those looking to donate as well as use donated sperms and eggs.

  • Is IVF painful?

    No. The IVF procedure is largely painless. There are some procedures that can be done under light sedation.

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