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The Pratham IVF Donor Programme

We, at Pratham IVF, firmly believe that donation of eggs, sperms, or embryos can significantly enhance one’s dreams of parenting. Thus, we have developed an exclusive donor program that aims to bridge the gap between potential donors and hopeful parents.

We ensure that the samples are stored in the right conditions and also keep in mind the confidentiality protocols to establish trust among our patrons.

Egg Donation

There are several reasons why a woman may need to go for egg donations. Whether it is age-related issues such as menopause, complications due to ovarian failure, or general infertility, one can choose egg donation due to many reasons. We help you identify the right donor and further, also assist you in the fertilization and implantation of the egg in the womb.

Besides finding the right donor, we also conduct several sessions for Hormone Replacement to ensure that the mother’s womb is ready to be implanted.

Embryo Donation

In cases where neither the male nor the female partner can produce high-quality sperm and eggs, respectively, couples often choose to seek embryo donations. In such scenarios, we identify the right donors for both - sperms and eggs, infuse them, and build an embryo that is subsequently implanted in the female partner’s womb. We carry comprehensive tests among the donors to determine their quality of sperm and eggs, and further, identify relevant medical ailments if any.


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