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Pregnancy Sonography Centre in Ahmedabad

Pregnancy Sonography Centre in Ahmedabad
Pratham IVF offers Cutting-edge Sonography Services !

Sonographies are some of the most commonly sought medical interventions during pregnancy, especially to understand the baby and mother’s health and take necessary steps, if required.

Also known as the ultrasound technique, sonography leverages high-frequency waves to examine the structures forming within the body. A painless activity, Sonography offers critical information that enables timely monitoring and progression of any medical condition. Further, upon a subsequent treatment, sonography can also show how your body is responding and how the healing process is progressing.

In the context of infertility treatments and in-vitro fertilization, sonography is a crucial tool to study the progression of pregnancy and guiding couples towards parenthood. This diagnostic service can be carried out using transvaginal and abdominal methods. The former is commonly used when examining reproductive parts among women.