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IVF Laser Assisted Hatching in Ahmedabad

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Pratham IVF offers precision-driven Laser Assisted Hatching

Laser technologies have enabled the advancement of medical interventions because of their ability to provide sufficient focus necessary for delicate procedures. In the field of infertility treatments, a laser is widely used for laser-assisted hatching in order to manipulate embryos for increased fertility and has helped couples around the world to achieve their dreams of pregnancy.

In this technique, experts leverage the potential of laser to help the embryo hatch from its protective outer shell, also known as The Zona Pellucida. Further, this technique also promotes implantation in the uterine wall after the successful transfer of the embryo.

The laser-assisted hatching (LAH) methodology uses a highly focused infrared laser beam to remove the zona pellucida in very precise increments. Before this method was introduced and lasers were available clinically, only mechanical or chemical methods could be used for assisted hatching of human embryos in clinical settings.

As opposed to the older methods, laser-assisted hatching requires less handling of the embryo. Further, given this method’s rapid operational capacity, laser-assisted hatching is faster than the other methods and, therefore, the embryo spends less time outside the incubator.

There are several approaches when going for infertility treatments. We, at Pratham IVF Center in Ahmedabad, understand your exact health conditions and depending on that, we chart out customized treatment strategies. Laser-assisted hatching is a globally accepted treatment and our experts have rich experience with it. Pratham IVF is ready to help you take the next step!