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IVF Process in Ahmedabad


IVF Visit Process :

First Visit : The first visit to Pratham IVF is when the initial consultation takes place. Ideally, you must visit our facility between the 15th and 25th days of your period. Thereafter, our team will help you with the forthcoming steps after an extensive review of your medical conditions. We ensure that we comprehensively resolve all of your queries related to infertility treatments, including the financial aspect.

Second Visit : After carrying out the required tests and gaining their reports, our experts determine the required duration of your stay at our facility. In this visit, we determine the treatment plan based on your health reports, ovum pickup, and embryo transfer. In some cases, we can also freeze the embryos, in which case the transfer is shifted to the third visit.

Third Visit : The third visit is reserved for those couples that are dealing with frozen embryo transfer. It is a procedure where embryos are placed in a woman’s uterus after three to five days of egg retrieval. It is a painless procedure that can be done without anesthesia.