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Blastocyst Culture Treatment in Ahmedabad

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Pratham IVF: Your Trusted Partner for Blastocyst Culture

We have a rich experience of carrying out Blastocyst Culture procedures for nearly two decades across various patients. In this technqiue, we cultivate an embryo in the laboratory for nearly 5 days after fertilization. After this process, we carefully transfer the embryo to the womb. Such an embryo developed in the laboratory are termed as blastocysts and the process is known as Blastocyst Culture.

Our medical experts believe that the embryo that serves between four and six is likely to produce better results. Such observations help embryologists to select from embryos that are more suited for implantation.

There are several advantages that this method offers, one of them being a reduction in the risk of having multiple pregnancies. Embryos that develop for 4-6 days help embrylogists identify the most competent embryos that can be transferred to the uterus, increasing the chances of a successful pregnancy.