What Is ICSI?

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, an accidental invention that changed the scenario of IVF treatment all over the world.

Technically speaking in ICSI we require a Miromanipulator machine. We hold the oocyte (Egg) with holding pipette and use the Injection Pipette to catch the sperm and we inject the sperm inside the oocyte (Egg).

Its an invasive procedure and it requires a lot of expertise and experience on embryologist’s side.

ICSI is mainly used for patients where husband’s sperms are very less or motility is less and where sperms are of inferior quality.

In IVF the sperm is selected by nature and in ICSI embryologist chooses the sperm from the whole lot and uses it for to fertilise the oocyte(Egg)

So a lot depends on embryologists as they choose the sperm and so the development of good quality embryo and so healthy pregnancy depends a lot on that.

The fertilization rate may be little more than conventional IVF.

Thousands of babies are born through ICSI every month and so its one of the most accepted and implemented treatment for IVF patients having male problems.

Those patients where IVF was done in previous cycle and the fertilization was very less, ICSI can be tried in the next cycle if patient doesn’t conceive in the first.

There is always debate between IVF v/s ICSI, but we shouldn’t generalize our treatment. Medical science per se requires individual approach.