Vitrification of Sperm, Eggs, Embryos

Egg and Embryo Bank at Pratham IVF & Urology Clinic.

Vitrification is one of the most important skilful procedures any embryologist performs. Our team is very well versed and confident in giving 100 percent post thaw ( reverse of vitrification) survival rate.

We claim 100 percent survival of embryos post thaw, Whether it’s 4cell, 8 cell stage embryos or blastocysts.

We do vitrification of oocytes (social freezing) for women delaying pregnancy for career or career oriented elderly women and to all the young females who want to under go cancer treatment like radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

We are advocating freeze all cycle so called “Smart IVF” to all our patients. It helps us increase our implantation rate of embryos in patients up to 60 percent.

In vitrification we store the eggs, sperms or embryos at -196 degree Celsius temperature and we make sure the temperature is maintained at this low level due to liquid Nitrogen.